Sunday, April 2, 2017

Romantic Escape to Sunset Beach 99 Cents!

That one crush that never really goes away...

Escape to Sunset Beach for a second chance at love

On Sale for 99 Cents! 


Alivia Jones sold her soul to the CEO of Financial Freedom. Sexy, rich and powerful on Wall Street; Brent Atwood wanted Alivia. She wanted his signature on her paycheck. Until she realized he didn’t own her. Alivia resigns, ends her arrangement with Brent and accepts the invitation for her tenth reunion with her friends in Sunset Beach. 

She revisits the tall oak from where she watched the sunsets with Jacob Adams. Her childhood sweetheart; the one she left behind broken-hearted. She wondered if there’d been too many miles and years in between. Her doubts are answered when he joins her at their special spot.

Will one sunset, one kiss and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?

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