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Happy Valentines - Cozy up with a Sweet Romance Giveaway

Love on Tour

Audible Audiobook – Unabridged
Angela Ford (Author), Carly Kincaid (Narrator), Books to Go Now (Publisher)

Cozy up this Valentine’s with a Sweet Romance
Meet the Voice of Love On Tour, Carly Kincaid – Narrator
WIN the Audiobook!
We’re giving away 10 copies of the Love On Tour Audiobook!

Readers,.allow me to introduce the voice of Love On Tour 
Carly Kincaid
Growing up, Carly was a radio junkie before she knew what it meant to be a radio junkie. 
After graduating from Mount Royal College, 
with a diploma in broadcasting, 
she made stops at radio stations across western Canada. 
She also took a brief detour to spend some time covering 
the television entertainment beat, which was a lot of fun.
In addition to holding on air positions on both radio and television, 
Carly’s unique sound has been heard on commercials, interactive media 
and corporate videos where she can be the girl next door, 
the mother, the young professional, the "announcer" or anything in between. 
Most recently, Carly has expanded her skills and is using her vocal talents
 as an audiobook narrator. Not only does she enjoy voicing the books, 
but producing them, as well. Her narrations can be downloaded on 
Audible, iTunes and wherever audiobooks are purchased.
And, for someone whose voice is so important to her, 
she’ll never forget that Adam Levine from Maroon 5 once told her, 
"I love your voice."

I’m so excited to share a recent chat with this remarkable and talented lady with you!

 Listen to a sample of Love On Tour

While I have always preferred print books,
 there is a very special place in my heart for audiobooks. 
If you’ve never experienced the wonder of an audiobook, 
now is the time to try. If you’ve never listened to an audiobook before. 
Check out this site: - it’s easier than you think :) 
PROS of an audiobook besides entertaining, :) 
You can listen while you do other things. 
I like to clean, commute, walk while I listen and most of all – it’s soothing 
and we all want that in our busy lives. A lil R&R…make time for you! 
And if you know someone who needs that too – 
An audiobook is a great gift idea! And best of all – you can eGIFT them 
Buy or Gift with 1-Click  

WIN! Love On Tour in Audiobook (US & UK residents only) 
For all other countries…no worries
 eBook in any country of LOVE ON TOUR
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Prizes are sole responsibility of Angela Ford Romance –
Happy Listening & Reading!
Angela Ford xo

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February Winter SALE 99 CENTS




Warm that Winter chill with a Series by Angela Ford for 99 Cents!
Escape with a Sweet Romance Series - The Healing Hearts Ranch
A Spicy Romance Series - The Mac Brothers
A Romantic Suspense Series - Cyber Crime

February Series SALE 99 CENTS

A story of remembrance, a gift, and love rediscovered through healing hearts.
Angela Ford takes a different direction this time to bring you a new adult series. 
A story centered around family, horses, true love, 
and finding your way from the wise words left to you.
Jack Willows was a great man. He always put others first. 
He’d taught his granddaughter to do the same. 
Raine Willows left her grandfather’s farm at eighteen to find her way in life. 
Seven years later, his death brings her back to the farm 
and her first love–the boy next door.
An empowering story of healing through horses. 
A farm that introduced her to the boy next door–Luke Daniels. 
The one she could never forget, 
no matter how many years and miles came between them. 
Grief reunites them, horses help heal their hearts, 
and gives them an idea to help others. 
An idea that had been her grandfather’s dream for her. 

The Mac Brothers 
February Series SALE 99 CENTS

The Mac Brothers have everything. Confidence. Tattoos. Attitudes.
Everything except love.
But for every bad boy, there’s a girl who ignores the rules.

Meet the Mac Brothers:

Aaron MacDonald - Seaside Seduction- Angela Ford
Donnan MacDonald - Seaside Playboy-Jennifer Conner
Layne MacDonald - Seaside Rendezvous-Natalie-Nicole Bates
Blake MacDonald - Seaside Passion - Tammy Tate

Places to grab the Mac Brothers for 99 Cents:
Amazon / B&N / Kobo / Apple Books

Cyber Crime Series
99 CENTS February WINTER Series SALE 
#CyberCrime #Murder #Romance Postcards marked "I Crave You"

Jess is a compelled FBI profiler who hunts internet predators.

CLOSURE: Suddenly reality hit her. She let no one in. All she had was her work,
and her work put her life into the hands of a serial killer.
A postcard arrives in her name with three little words,
 I Crave You.
FORBIDDEN: A new case brings back memories of the past.
One man stalks a naive teen. One man forbids Jess to love anyone but him.

OBSESSED: Her hand trembled as she read her name on the front of the postcard.
She turned it over slowly. A tear formed as she read it... I Crave You.
The past continues to haunt her.
First, she had CLOSURE, and then it was her stalker is OBSESSED.
​Old ghosts...Secrets...Imminent threats...#GrippingFBICyber-CrimeFiction

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FREE Books!!

Passion complicates a one-night stand. 

The perfect poison unfolds multiple crimes.

A marriage gone wrong.
 She thought she had the perfect marriage. 
Until she finds out her husband wants her dead. 
Lieutenant Basia Lis took an oath to serve and protect. 
Abused, humiliated, and threatened, left her no choice. 
It’s him or her.

A night of passion. 
She planned to take her secret to her grave. 
But sometimes, once isn’t enough. 
An affair could lead Detective Riley Briggs to the truth. 
He opens doors he wished he’d left closed. 
He may have to arrest the woman he’s fallen hard for.

As a fan of Angela Ford’s work, 
this is one of her best, most suspenseful and ingenious stories. 
The cast of characters offers a taste from sweet to evil, 
gullible to controlling, with passion and sexy to cruel and devious. 
The dialog takes the reader on this roller coaster journey 
with an unexpected surprise at the end. 
Keep your friends close
 and your enemies even closer! – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer - 


FREE til Dec 29th


May all your Wishes come True in 2020!

Thank you, Readers!

for another amazing year!

In 2019 I released Romantic Escapes,
a collection of 3 books that reflect
my writing...sometimes sweet, 
sometimes spicy, 
sometimes suspenseful.
If you'd like to check it out...
email me for a complimentary copy.


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Christmas 2019 Release ANGELA FORD ROMANCE



Love is in the air this month...the holiday preps...
time with loved ones...and even the time of the year 
we don't mind the snow!
Can't believe I just said that lol
As a summer beach lover,
even I have to admit that 
The first fallen snow is pretty!
And for Christmas...
Whatever your plans...
I hope it's magical & filled with love.

This Christmas...Join me in Crystal Creek.
That small town nestled in the beautiful
Montana mountains filled with wonderful souls.
The town where my Healing Hearts Ranch Series takes place.
The ranch has opened...without a hitch! 
Back in Book #2...Harvest Homecoming,
Kelly - the ranch's therapeutic riding instructor - 
joined the team but a recent romantic issue surfaced.
This Christmas story can be read as a stand-alone, 
but I hope you'll follow the series from the 
beginning to see what happened before 
the ranch opened.

Falling in love is truly, a beautiful experience...
Follow The Healing Hearts Ranch Series 


Books 1&2 at Your Amazon Country

 The Letter Left (Book 1) - 
Harvest Homecoming (Book 2) -

Thursday, November 28, 2019

New Release! FREE on Black Friday


Limited Time Free Nov 29th - Dec 2nd

Amazon (Universal):


Welcome to Crystal Creek in the Montana mountains this holiday season. 
Christmas in Crystal Creek continues the wholesome story of love, friendship, choices in life, 
and the horses that help those hear what’s in their souls at the Healing Hearts Ranch. 
Falling in love with someone is truly, a beautiful experience. 
Especially during the magical holiday season. 
Warm your heart with a tranquil horseback ride through the wintry countryside, 
where the starry sky is filled with brilliant lights and the landscape is covered in a layer of snow. 
Inside is covered in twinkling lights, decked with stockings and holiday spreads 
dreamed up by the town folk of Crystal Creek. 

Amazon (Universal):
Angela Ford Romance

This can be read on its own…
(books one and two of the series happens before the ranch officially opens) 
Brief description & their links below if you’d like to read all books in this series.

 The Healing Hearts Ranch series starts with The Letter Left (Book 1) – Raine Willows left her grandfather’s farm to find her way in life. His death brought her back to the farm and her first love–Luke Daniels. Grief reunites them, horses help heal their hearts, and gives them an idea to help others. The letter Jack Willows left, changed the direction of his granddaughter’s life and her heart.

Harvest Homecoming (Book 2) continues the wholesome saga as the lazy-hazy days of summer give way to shorter days and endless views of vibrant colors during the town’s harvest festivities. Introducing Crystal Creek High’s seniors, a horse show, and a promposal to the homecoming dance. Love is in the air as the festivities begin but a past romantic issue arises and may affect the opening of the ranch.

The Letter Left -

Harvest Homecoming -

Also Available in Paperback

Paperbacks @ Amazon
Christmas in Crystal Creek :

  Wishing you all the best this holiday season, Ange

Sometimes Sweet...
Sometimes Spicy...
Sometimes Suspenseful...

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Giveaway - Angela Ford Romance

Angela Ford Romance Giveaway

#Giveaway by #AngelaFordRomance Ends October 24.19
No purchase required.
Celebrating the Release of Harvest Homecoming
The Healing Hearts Ranch Book 2
by Angela Ford
Genre: YA Sweet Romance

The wholesome family saga continues on a ranch in the Montana mountains
 in the small town of Crystal Creek. An empowering story centered around 
family, horses, love and loss, friendship and betrayal, 
and finding your way from the wise words left to you.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Cover Reveal-PreOrder-Freebie! Celebrate Angela Ford's Birthday!


Book 2 - The Healing Hearts Ranch Series

Releasing September 29, 2019
Available for PRE-ORDER 99 CENTS on Amazon
Enter Below 


Harvest Homecoming
An empowering story centered around family, horses, 
love and loss, friendship and betrayal, 
and finding your way from the wise words left to you. 
The wholesome family saga continues on a ranch 
in the Montana mountains
 in the small town of Crystal Creek.

The lazy-hazy days of summer give way to shorter days 
and endless views of vibrant colors 
during the town’s harvest festivities. 
Crystal Creek High kicks off the season’s opening game
 while seniors, Cassidy and Kaitlyn prepare for the horse show, 
a cheating boyfriend, and saddle up 
for a promposal to the homecoming dance.

Love is in the air as the festivities begin. 
Equine therapist, Dr. Pam Whitfield, arrives at the ranch
 on the day of Raine and Luke’s engagement party 
and meets a local farmer in attendance.
 Jackson Knox makes an impact and she remembers his name 
like its been engraved on her heart. 
With the first guests arriving shortly after the festivities, 
Trainer Kelly Brannan must deal with a past romantic issue 
which may affect the opening of the Healing Hearts Ranch and her job.


Celebrating my Birthday with my Readers!
September 13, 2019
Angela Ford

Harvest Homecoming Amazon Universal Buy Link

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