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Happy Valentine’s Day

                          Happy Valentine’s Day

Amazon Reviewer – Surrender by Angela
 What a breathtaking story! Lauren Reynolds is not exactly the woman that you would expect to be opening the front door to a `Narc' hours after she has buried her dearly loved husband John. Opening the door to Narcotics Agent Brett Donovan allows him the opportunity to tell Lauren that the explosion at her husband's warehouse was not an accident but a murder and that someone wants her dead too!

This is definitely not the typical romantic fantasy of meeting "Mr. Right!" How is it possible that Lauren has become a widow before her first wedding anniversary? Who would expect any romantic thoughts and/or hot and sexy moments after returning home from a husband's funeral?

The story is believable and could be plucked from today's headlines. For this reader, it was a page-turning romantic thriller. Or, I could describe the story as a roller coaster ride to romance! I couldn't stop reading. I loved it! First, I was captivated by the title of "Surrender". There's a very special "Aha!" moment for a reader when he/she realizes why the title of the book was selected. But this time, the title seems to be even more of a treasure because I felt like I had that "Aha!" moment at the beginning and then again at the end of the story. Awesome!

I loved the twists and turns - some expected but some unexpected! There's also a very special `treat' following the end of the story to help the reader create their own hot and steamy Valentine's Day. It was powerful to the story to find the characterizations so carefully developed of Lauren, her parents, Brett, and his friend Rick. It adds to the richness of the story to find strong male and female characters. It is a story that can be enjoyed by men and women, regardless of age. The short story features parents dearly loved, male friends who are genuine and loyal to their friendships with one another, a daughter that follows her heart but doesn't wilt in a corner with self-pity even though she questions, "Why is this happening to me?" It also features a mother that can still surprise her daughter with a few more life lessons about love and money.

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