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Happy 1st Anniversary Forbidden!


Supervisory Special Agent Jessica Resario thought she found Closure. She did not expect a Déjà vu.

In this sequel to Closure, Supervisory Special Agent Jessica Resario continues to deliver spine-chilling seminars to educate parents of lurking internet predators. A seminar one night introduces her to Mr. & Mrs. Bennett who are deeply concerned of their daughter Tiffany’s safety. Jess did not expect to feel Déjà vu when she unraveled the forbidding prospect that she has another Trevor Marshall on her hands.
Kyle Davidson’s personality fits a stalker through obsessive and addictive traits. A close call one night makes Tiffany realize he is a threat. Jess takes the law into her own hands to protect Tiffany and enters Kyle’s house illegally. He can’t be held with Jess’s illegal entry and without Tiffany pressing charges. Tiffany decides to accept her father’s offer to a private school in England. But the news of her parents’ murders brings her back. Jess races to save her, only to put her own life into the hands of a killer. Kyle now has both Jess and Tiffany. As the team searches for them, they find the past begins to creep up on them.  
Best Selling Author Angela Ford continues her story with Forbidden...the next in her FBI Series. Supervisory Special Agent Jessica Resario thought she found Closure...she didn't expect a Deja vu. 

The Year In Reviews

 "Forbidden" picks up where "Closure" left off. It was an action packed sequel, just as the first.

 FBI drama/suspense and if you enjoy a good short story with believable romance and an adrenalin rush give this series a try.

As always this author packs her stories full of suspense, mystery, and drama. Hang on for a thrill ride with this page turner!

I recommend this book to everyone who likes mystery/suspense, or even better than that…. To all parents of teenagers, because it will make them aware of the dangers of their children while online. Great read!!

In this sequel to Angela Ford's Closure, where we were taken on a wild ride of action packed suspense, the ride begins again. Just when you think it's over, look out, because you're in for another dose! 
This is a quick, exciting, sit on the edge of your seat read with a surprising twist! If you read Closure you will certainly want to pick this up. In fact, this story should be read by all parents who have teenage is definitely an eye opener! Loved, loved, loved it!
Seriously I am beginning to think this author needs to have warning labels on her novels that dare to begin this without being prepared will result in anguish if you try to leave the novel before finished. 

I do wish this one did not have quite as abrupt of an ending. It left me saying, "THAT'S IT!" I just wanted more.
Reviewer asked for more...
Coming in 2015...

A look back at the teasers...

Forbidden - Excerpt #1

“We have an urgent case and forty-eight hours to save a girl,” Jess announced as she entered the situation room at the FBI Headquarters in San Francisco. She tossed the case folders for the team on the table. Nobody said a word. Even the newest member of the team Special Agent Dave Malcolm remained quiet.
 Jess briefed them as they flipped through their folders. Mike finished reading the file before the others as usual. He read something crazy like five hundred words a minute. He interrupted Jess mid-sentence.
“Jess, sorry to interrupt, can I talk to you for a minute in the hallway?” He didn’t wait for her reply and walked out the door. She excused herself from the team meeting and followed Mike.
 “Mike, is there a problem?” Jess felt irritated he interrupted the meeting and spoke in a rather stern tone to him.
 “Sorry Jess, I don’t mean to disrespect you and interrupt the meeting.” He paced the hallway then stopped and faced her. “I know damn well why you’re taking this case.” Jess knew Mike saw the similarities to the Marshall case, but she ignored that.
“Because it’s our job Mike to protect these kids”.
Mike laughed sarcastically. “He reminds you of Marshall. Don’t lie to me Jess.” 

Forbidden - Excerpt #2

Jess felt utterly exhausted by the time she made her way through the front door of their home and knew she wouldn’t get much sleep until she’d seen this case through.
“I know that look.” Tom stood inside the door with a glass of wine in hand. She also saw dinner on the table. Jess smiled as she looked into the eyes of the one and only man she’d ever love.
“I am the luckiest woman in the world, Mr. Erickson.” He took her in his arms and his lips met hers. Her body trembled every time he touched her. The soft loving touch from his lips took away every stress. He took their wine glasses and set them on the foyer table. The day disappeared when he took her hand and began to lead her upstairs. “What about dinner?”
“It can wait. I can’t.” A seductive smile crossed his face and the only hunger she felt was for Tom. He paused at the top of the stairs and feathered his fingers along the side of her face, never taking his eyes away from hers. His hand reached around to release her hair from its hold. A sudden grasp of her hair between his fingers ignited her need for him. She opened her mouth with a pleading expression to be kissed. He ignored her wish and teased her with the tip of his tongue barely touching her neck. She groaned softly as his tongue met a tender spot. His touch was all she needed to make the horror in her thoughts disappear. Tom had a way of clearing her mind to the point of total relaxation. But the reality of her cell phone vibrating between them disturbed the moment.

 Forbidden Excerpt #3

The hot water streamed over her tired body while she worried about Tiffany. Jess always worried about her cases as though they were her own children. She reached for the shampoo and began to lather up. Jess rehearsed the conversation she planned to have with the girl. She thought a shower would relax her. Then she heard the shower door open, and felt Tom’s presence. She’d been rinsing the shampoo from her hair and couldn’t open her eyes to confirm it, but she knew his scent.
“Thought I’d join you,” Tom spoke softly as he placed his hands at her waist. He slowly began to move his hands in the direction of her breasts. She moaned slightly at his touch and opened her eyes.
“Keep your eyes closed and let my hands take away the day,” he whispered against her cheek. He began a trail of kisses from her cheek down along her neck. He nibbled slightly on her shoulder while his hands stroked her arms. Gentle squeezes and his trail of kisses began to excite her. The day disappeared. She felt the heat from his touch. His hands left her arms and moved around to the arch of her back. They moved down over her ass and he began to massage her. The ache inside her grew. She was ready for him. The only thing on Jess’s mind at the moment was her husband and his amazing touch on her skin. The water began to cool and Tom turned off the shower. Jess opened her eyes and he whispered for her to keep them closed. He kissed her eyelids as they closed. His lips slowly kissed the tip of her nose and then met her lips. The passion in his kiss excited her. He backed her up against the wall. She gripped her hands on the wall for support. His kiss had deepened. His tongue reached the depths of her mouth. His fingers had found her warmest spot.
Jess cried out, “You’re driving me crazy!”
Tom chuckled through his kiss.

Thank you readers for making it an amazing year! 

Forbidden (sequel to Closure) can be read alone or after watching a Criminal Minds episode out of order.
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