Sunday, February 21, 2016

WIN! Angela Ford's Cyber-Crime Series Signed Paperback Set

Cyber-Crime Series

WIN! Signed Paperback Set

February 23, 2016

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  My cyber-crime series is about an FBI team of profilers that work endlessly to keep teens safe from online predators. I created a special FBI task force called the ISTF (Internet Security Task Force). My main character, Agent Jessica Resario, is compelled to protect teenagers from those who prey on your children. Jess doesn’t always follow protocol, which only puts her life in the hands of a serial killer…and usually a suspension. So far there are 3 books...the 4th coming this year! Closure, Forbidden, Obsessed...the 4th is called Craved. It started with CLOSURE...closure to that deep dark secret Jess didn’t know about. Then she was FORBIDDEN to love anyone but him. Believing her life had settled as she steps down from the lead of her FBI team of profilers that hunt down the internet predators lurking your life becomes her number one focus. But an OBSESSED stalker wants what she has. This year Jess’s daughter is CRAVED by a stalker....She’s back and determined to protect her daughter at all cost! STALK me on my website

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