Monday, September 12, 2016

Goodreads Giveaway from Angela Ford

Blind Tasting – Allow Your Senses to Breathe

Dr. Rebecca Miller (Becca) thought her life was complete in New York. After three long shifts at the hospital all she wanted was to crawl into bed next to her fiancé. Shocked to find her best friend already there she packs her bags and transfers to a small town in Washington wine country.
Devastated and alone, she discovers the wine shop Que Syrah Syrah. She figures the next best thing to a best friend is a good bottle of Chardonnay. Inside she meets Tegan Taylor, the owner of the shop. Tegan invites her to the wine tasting for singles. Only four women show and the Tuesday night Book Club begins. After six months, they spice it up and change it to The Love List. They each pick a name of an eligible bachelor in town they may not date but their friends may.
In the heart of wine country, four friends create The Love List; looking for love.
Becca’s pick is Chase Tanner, a local firefighter she’s met a couple of times. There’s something about him that allows her senses to breathe again. A fire brings Chase under the doctor’s care and into her heart. The love list seems to be working for Becca until Chase discovers the list and believes to be fooled. Will Becca be able to convince him she does love him?

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Blind Tasting by Angela Ford

Blind Tasting

by Angela Ford

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