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FREE! On Christmas Day...Provoked by Angela Ford


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PROVOKED by Angela Ford

Basia Lis believed she had no choice. It was him or her. 
Her husband, Darek, planned to kill her along the Orla Perc of the Tatra Mountains. 
She watched him drink the poisoned coffee, 
and then fall from the edge of the cliff 
as the storm approached. 

No body. Darek’s death was reported as another tragedy of the Tatras.

As an officer of the law, Lieutenant Lis knows right from wrong. 
But she’d been abused, humiliated, and threatened. 
There was no other way. His actions provoked hers but his death haunts her.

A one night stand with first names only goes wrong. 
She swore she’d never love again but one night isn’t enough with Riley. 
The next day she’s introduced to Detective Riley Briggs, 
the same Riley from the night before. 
He's the lead detective in the case of a missing woman. 
The same woman Basia is searching for. 
Her heart is torn. Can she have what she wants without jeopardizing her secrets?

Riley opens doors he’d wished he’d left closed. 
He’s fallen for the woman he may have to arrest. 
The case unfolds one murder after another, leading back to Basia.

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