Monday, November 12, 2018

Holiday Magic with Angela Ford

Holiday Magic with Angela Ford
There’s just something about small towns…and love. 
Stories of vibrant towns, a strong community, and of course–
an adorable couple for that happily-ever-after! 
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Angela Ford - Bestselling and Award-Winning Author hit Amazon's Top 50 Authors 
with her #1 Bestseller in Christmas Holiday Romance. 
Her dedication to Cyber Safety gave her an Award of Distinction 
and sparked the idea for her first book 'Closure' 
that hit Bestselling Action & Adventure, Women's fiction. 
In between mysteries, Angela writes short contemporary romance
...sometimes sweet...sometimes spicy...sometimes with a dash of suspense! 
She loves to connect with her readers. 
Escape with a Book by Angela Ford 


Tori Andrews wanted nothing more than to leave her small town. 
She’s hesitant to come back home for the holidays. 
Tori knows her meddling-mother will be up to her old tricks to find her 
a husband and keep her in White Cove. 

Between her career and her match-making-mom, 
she’s thought as little as possible of finding the one. 
Until she meets her mystery bartender with compassionate eyes, 
a calming voice, and good advice. But when she discovers he’d already 
been propositioned by her mom to ask her out on a date; 
she no longer wants to know who he is. 

Alice Andrews has plans for her daughter. 
She wants her in White Cove, and not just for Christmas. 
All family traditions are set to impress her daughter 
and she’s found the perfect gift. A new doctor in town. 
Alice promised to stop meddling but maybe just one more time 
will keep her daughter home. The hospital Christmas party will allow 
for an introduction. Meddling mom has given her daughter 
and the doctor the roles of Santa and Mrs. Clause. 

Alice prays for fate to take over. 
Little does she know that fate began without an introduction.


Nicholas Reed arrives in the small town of Troy 
to acquire the Delbert farm for his investors. 
He hadn’t expected his competition to be a beautiful, confident woman. 
His heart takes control over his business-minded mission. 

Christine Spencer is the owner of the coffee shop ‘Sugar N’ Spice’. 
She serves the best sugar and spice, and everything nice. 
Chrissy’s heart melts the first time she meets Nick. T
hen she discovers he’s the man that can destroy her dream 
to own the Delbert farm. His plan to bring in his investors for a viewing 
of the property would cancel her annual Christmas dance at the farm. 
He proposes a deal for her to date him for a week and he’ll stall his investors. 

Can Nick convince her those first sparks they felt, are real? 
Nothing like a little spice added to the holidays, 
unless someone ends up on the naughty list.


Dakota Timmons has changed her zip code 
for a man she’s never met. 
But on her way into town she merely avoids 
an accident by seconds and is introduced to Tristan Hart. 
The man sparks her interest with his piercing blue-green eyes beneath his Stetson. 
Her new friends come up with a wild idea called The Love List. 
Dared to draw a name from the basket 
and then ask the eligible bachelor for a date. 
To her surprise the name she picks is Tristan Hart. 
Now there are two men on her mind. 
One she’d like to date and the other 
she’s come to town to reveal shocking news. 
Will all her wishes come true in Washington’s wine country?

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Wishing you Holiday Magic this season!

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