Friday, February 8, 2019

Romantic Escapes - 3 Romances 1 Book - Sweet / Spicy / Suspenseful

 It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to Celebrate Love

  Romantic Escapes by Angela Ford 

Enjoy 3 Romances in 1 Book – Sweet…Spicy…Suspenseful. 
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Seaside Seduction

Confident, attractive, and rich. Submissive women kept him a confirmed bachelor. 
Aaron MacDonald always got what he wanted, and no woman would ever change that. 
Then Elsie Chisholm arrived at his resort for her sister’s wedding. Her magazine article had her focused on the sexy resort owner. 
It’s business to her. She’s a challenge to him. Which one will gain control of planned seduction?

Felt by the Heart

A tale of one mother’s heart: heartbreak, her children’s love, and second chances. 
As Rachel Winters's fiftieth birthday approached, the forever she'd found with Ryan ended with heartache. And for her daughter, the second chance of having a dad. Will Rachel find the strength to rebuild her life and her daughter's? 
A handsome man captures her interest but she denies love to enter her mind. She’s already accepted she’ll never have what her parents have. Rachel’s okay with that. She has her kids, her business, and a hydrotherapy shower.
Guarded by lighthouses, sun-drenched beaches, sparkling coves, and rugged shorelines; the seaside city in Nova Scotia is known for its culture and heritage. It’s known as the gateway to Atlantic Canada. To Rachel, it’s known as home. To pharmaceutical tycoon, Derek Rutherford, it’s now home where the woman of his dreams lives. Is he really at Rachel’s deli for a coffee and bagel every morning? Second chances happen when least expected.


High Stakes Suspense - Lauren Reynolds is widowed after an explosion in her husband's warehouse. She believed he ran a legit business. A knock on her door on the day of his funeral tells her differently.
Brett Donovan lives for danger. Lauren Reynolds lives for new shoes at Saks.
Now they are on the run.
One hot steamy night only complicates matters.

See more books from Angela at her website Romantic Escapes 

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