Sunday, September 13, 2015

Its My Birthday...and Im Giving Away...

Happy Birthday to Me...2 FREE Books for You

FREE September 13th to Celebrate Angela Fords Birthday 
One special guy she could never special spot always remained theirs...One kiss...and one crazy idea might take her back to both
The author has written one of the most touching romantic scenes I have ever read. The story flows with a sweetness like a beautiful rose that has just been freshly cut. - Amazon Reviewer


Time to Love is FREE! September 13th to celebrate Angela Fords Birthday
During my summer I traveled to 18th century England with the release of Time to Love.  What would you do if you woke up in a strange man's house? Then realized it was 1737 England. Will Maggie return to the life she knew? But Sir Heth Manning is the ultimate of tall, dark and handsome...
A really sweet story on time travel...sometimes you have to go long distances to find the one you were meant for. - Amazon Reviewer

Thank You Readers! Hope you enjoy the books and leave a review. 
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Escape with a Book by Angela Ford

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