Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Willow's Discovery is Released! Joanne Jaytanie's Winters Sisters Series

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Willow's Discovery

Release Date: Oct 6th

Willow’s next discovery could get her killed.

Willow Winters has been safely ensconced in London managing the international division of the Winters Corporation. But the vicious Kaleidoscope Group is relentless in its pursuit of the Winters sisters and their scientific breakthroughs. They’ve planted a mole in the company ranks, making Willow’s paranormal abilities crucial in the search for the traitor. Unearthing this spy will expose Willow as a threat and put her squarely in the sights of the murderous Kaleidoscope Group.

Wyatt Farraday is a military liaison to the Winters Corporation. Consumed with keeping Victory and Payton Winters alive, he’s had no life of his own. Now the third triplet has returned home and his job just got exponentially harder. Willow outdoes her sisters in the hardheaded department. She’s independent and can take care of herself and she doesn’t need Wyatt to watch out for her. But Wyatt’s determined to watch her in every way he can.

Willow’s Discovery is book three in The Winters Sisters series. Begin your adventure with Book One: Chasing Victory and Book Two: Payton’s Pursuit.

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( My Review *****5 Stars - Discover an Incredible Mix of Suspense, Paranormal & Romance If you love suspense mixed with paranormal, romance, mystery and a touch of wit to make it fun--I highly recommend you read the Winters Sisters series. Chasing Victory is Book 1, Payton’s Pursuit is Book 2 and now Willow’s Discovery is Book 3. A definite collection to treasure! Chasing Victory got me hooked on The Winters Sisters series and Payton’s Pursuit kept me turning the page. Willow’s Discovery was no exception. Absolutely adored Willow Winters and how Ms. Jaytanie brought her to life before my eyes. The Winters’ sisters are triplets with paranormal abilities. Their scientific research happens at Winters Corporation. And Ms. Jaytanie knows how to weave the mystery of the sisters’ paranormal abilities into this series. The hero is strong and sexy. The heroine is intelligent and beautiful. And as an animal lover, the Doberman is the perfect touch to complete the line of characters. Now that the third triplet, Willow, has come home to a mole somewhere within the company; her abilities are needed but will put her life in jeopardy. Willow is exposed to a threatening situation and Wyatt Farraday’s job just got harder. And what a sexy and strong character to protect her! But is it just business on his mind?)

Victory Winters is a world-renowned geneticist and possesses an unusual innate sense of communication, bordering on telepathic when relating to animals. She is kidnapped by Lawrence Braxton. Braxton is the madman CEO who runs Biotec, and forces Victory to pursue her research on canine DNA.

Naval officer Tristan Farraday is sent undercover to track Biotec’s experiments. These experiments involve the implantation of canine DNA into humans, thereby manipulating their genetic makeup. The goal of Biotec is to create the perfect soldier.

Murder, kidnapping, and blackmail follow as Tristan realizes Victory has been pulled into Biotec’s world against her wishes. She refuses to divulge the genetic answers Braxton demands. Victory knows Biotec wants to exploit her findings, by administering them in a destructive manner. Will Tristan rescue Victory from this madman’s grip and save her family? Can he keep her discoveries away from enemy hands?  

Payton Winters is thrust into the position of CEO of The Winters Corporation after the sudden death of her parents. Confronted with the knowledge she was born with special abilities, she finds herself in the dilemma of being a grounding force to people who possess psychic powers. She has unwillingly become the mental anchor to the one man she wants no part of, Collin McBain. While on a routine mission, Collin is drugged, tortured, and injected with wolf DNA. Now believed dead, he is secretly assigned to the Winters Campus. 

Joanne was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a quaint village surrounded by dairy farms and rolling hills. From the moment she could read she wanted to explore the world. During her college years she slowly crept across the country, stopping along the way in Oklahoma, California, and finally Washington State, which she now proudly calls home. She lives with her husband and Dobermans, in their home located on the Olympic Peninsula with a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains.

Joanne writes romantic suspense, paranormal, and contemporary romance. She loves to submerge herself in the world of her characters, to live and breathe their lives and marvel at their decisions and predicaments. She enjoys a wide variety of books including paranormal, suspense, thriller, and of course romance.

Joanne is a member of Romance Writers of America, and past President of Peninsula Romance Writers, which was Debbie Macomber’s home chapter.

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