Thursday, November 26, 2015

Escape with a FREE Book by Angela Ford! Happy Thanksgiving!

Escape with a FREE Book by Angela Ford

Happy Thanksgiving America ❤

4 FREE Books Friday & Monday!

Time to Love, Bare, Obsessed, Still

Time to Love 

Travel in time back to 1737 England where Maggie wakes in the home of Sir Heth Manning. She doesn't remember how she got there until she finds the mirror given to her by Amaru. The native of Bolivia that told her the past is her future. Will she stay or return to the life she knew now that she's fallen in love with the ultimate tall, dark and handsome 18th century Englishman. 

 PI Shay Brooks goes undercover in a gentlemen's club to save a college girl. One who's mother suspects is stripping and hooked on drugs. What she didn't expect is Dante Pierce...the sexy bartender... But is he a part of the world she just stepped into of drugs, murder, secrets and deceit?


New Romantic Suspense Cyber Crime Series. First there was Closure. Then it was Forbidden. Now the unsub is Obsessed. But FBI profiler Jessica Resario is determined to end this obsession. If you haven't followed the series, Closure & Forbidden are only 99 cents!

 Brianna Wilson works in the Special Victims Unit. She warned her younger sister about Internet chat rooms. But when her sister is murdered in the park and homicide has no leads, Brianna digs deeper and discovers her sister hadn't listened. She lures the killer from the same chat room. What she discovers changes her life forever. 

I also have romance for 99 cents! Christmas Wreath & Blind Tasting - Both small town sweet romance. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
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