Thursday, March 9, 2017

One Kiss Changed Everything

Unforgettable Kiss by Angela Ford

A story of healing, passion, and suspense. 
One kiss changed everything. Then her ex is released on parole…
with an obsession…
Sweet love story...add some spice...toss in a dash of suspense...

Meghan Eden swore she would never love again. 
The tragic death of her son, at the hands of his father, destroyed her emotionally.
 Eric Nolan is the most sought after actor in Hollywood 
and the most eligible bachelor in the hearts of many women. 
Eric draws out hidden desires Meghan never imagined 
and leaves an unforgettable kiss etched in her memory. 
Will it change her mind to love again? 
Or is it too late? 
Meghan’s ex is released on early parole without her knowledge...
 and he’s had the time to develop an obsession. 

Teaser Time

The hunger in his eyes ran deep through her soul. His scent invigorated her senses. Part of her wanted to run, to hide, and part of her ached to be at his side.

“I want you,” she whispered against his lips. She no longer cared, no longer shied away from him. In one quick sudden movement, he tossed her underneath him.

She stood so close, she felt him take a hard quick breath. She wanted to taste his lips. She swallowed hard at his words.
“When you look at me, I see what I’ve been searching for.”

Eric threw her a playful grin and placed the palm of his hand on her lower back. She took in a quick breath. The simple touch ignited a desire long hidden. The thought of his hands all over her body and his lips passionately against hers; she knew it was going to be a long evening.

She placed her hand on his chest, and the tempo of his pulse increased. She could feel herself tremble, getting weaker by the moment. Reality faded and paradise set in. He pulled her hips in closer to his. The passion she felt could defy analysis. Meghan told herself to react, not respond.

He pushed her shoulders against the wall, aggressive yet gentle, with an incredible rhythm. His hips never left hers in the sudden movement. An insatiable appetite stirred within her.

His eyes locked onto hers. Her lips parted. She invited his kiss she could no longer resist. Quickly taking her, his tongue felt like silk as it slowly entered into the warm depths of her mouth. It was time to take this relationship to the next level.

She answered the phone. “Eric, I miss you. I’ve ached for you all day,” she confessed.
“Shall I take off the edge?”
“I wish you could.” She missed him so much she wished he would change the subject before she crawled out of her skin.
“Remove the robe. I’m imagining that robe piled around your feet at the floor. I’m serious Meg. You have more than enough of a private view. No one can see you. Except for me when I close my eyes.”
“Eric!” She laughed light-heartedly.
“Let me take the edge away Meg,” he pleaded with her.
“Over the phone, Eric? Yeah, right.” Meghan didn’t know if he was serious or just playing with her.
 The possibility of it seemed rather unattainable, yet on the other hand, her ache for him was unbearable.

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