Sunday, July 5, 2015

Are you a flopper? July's 'Fun in the Sun' Contest with Angela Ford

Are you a flopper? - July's 'Fun in the Sun' Contest with Angela Ford -

I mean do you wear flip flops? I recently read an article about the top reasons why we should toss our flops. Of course, I had to read it. I love my flops! Anyone who knows me...knows that. I live for summer! Can't wait to toss 'on' my flops! 
 I read flip flops should be kept for the beach, the pool, the spa or public showers. But one shouldn't wear them all the time. The reasons given were--they are bad for you. Well, bad for your toes with all that extra work they do to keep them on your feet. Possible hammertoe, bunions or athletes foot and various fungus because there's only a thin layer between your foot and the ground. It also mentioned they were bad for your posture and aches and pains. Then I read that some may be toxic. What! Yep. Some may be made with chemicals that may hurt you. Wow! I thought. But then again, what in our world is harmful that we don't know about. Then there are harms that we ignore and do anyway. 
Thought I'd share my findings and discover who loves their flops. Do you wear them all the time? Sometimes? Or only at certain places? 
Love mine! I wear mine except in the long cold brutal winter lol I have them in every color and style I can find them. So I guess I'm a 'die-hard' flopper. 
I even put flip flops in one of my books. 'Surrender' - a romantic suspense about a sexy narcotics agent and a rich suburban widow on the run from the drug cartel. Nothing suspenseful about the flops - just a little humor to reflect the two different worlds of my hero and heroine. And also a little reflection on how the simple things in life make us remember those we love. 
Here are the two excerpts from the book about those flip flops :

He motioned for her to get out of the car. Her eyes were on fire as she exhaled a quick breath. Lauren entered the second-hand store standing out like a sore thumb. Not just by the way she dressed in a Chanel pant suit, but with her snobbish attitude. She stood with her arms crossed and a pout on her face while Brett picked out a new outfit for her disguise.
 “These should fit.” He handed her a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He figured he knew her size. His hands had travelled every curve of her body the night before. Making love to her burned in his memory. He shook those thoughts and remained focused. Brett had one-night stands before. This one was different. He wondered why. He couldn’t get her out of his thoughts and it wasn’t the assignment to protect her. Lauren grabbed the clothes from his hand after he ordered her into the changing room and to bring the clothes she’d been wearing. He went to pay for the items.
 “What are those for?” Lauren tossed her clothes at him and Brett placed them in a bag. He did not want her to stand out the way she did. He knew she wasn’t happy with him but at least now she would blend in. The clothes she’d worn were fine for shopping at Saks, but not on the run.
 “They are for your feet. They’ll be more comfortable than the things you’re wearing now,” Brett smirked.
 “I don’t do flip-flops,” she informed him.
 “You do now.” 

 “A peace offering, I believe I made you remove these while we were on the run.”
 She looked in the bag to find the Chanel pantsuit and her heels. She laughed and looked down at her feet. She stood in the flip-flops.
 He laughed. “I thought you didn’t do flip-flops.”
 “I do now.”
They both laughed. She knew he’d remember what he said to her at that second-hand store.
 “They are comfortable for the feet.”
Lauren smiled and then finally admitted the real reason.
 “They remind me of you.” 

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  1. I flopped so much this weekend I got a blister on the bottom of my foot. Lol!

  2. I'm a Southern gal .. I hate anything on my feet! So I go barefooted everywhere I can. But being as it is summer in Arizona, I have to at least put socks on my tootsies so they don't roast when I go out to get the mail :-)