Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mid-Summer Mystery 'Sneak-Peak' Anniversary & FREE Books!

First there was Closure. Then it was Forbidden

Now the ‘unsub’ is Obsessed.

Follow Angela Ford’s Gripping FBI Crime Suspense Series. SSA Jessica Resario and her team hunt the ones who prey on your children…online. Compelled to do so, only puts them into the hands of a serial killer.
Happy Anniversary Closure! Closure is 2 this July! Where does the time go? It just feels like yesterday when I spent my days with Jess and the team. Actually, I recently have. For those of you anticipating the next in the series – It is coming! I promised to have it out in 2015. It’s finished and off to the editor! For those of you who haven’t followed the series – there’s still time to catch up. Closure & Forbidden are available in eBook, Paperback and Audio.

Now for a ‘Sneak-Peak’ of Obsessed – First time revealed excerpt -

Mike noticed the co-pilot frantically tested the flight control switches as beads of sweat reached his brow. The pilot in desperate attempt for communication shook his head which told Mike he’d lost all connections. Their expressions alone told Mike they were screwed.
“What do you think happened?”
“Is it possible to hack into the controls Mike?”
Mike remembered the Hack in the Box conference he attended. Hacking and hijacking planes by pressing a few buttons on an Android mobile app would happen more so in the movies. But this conference had delivered the worry and fear of a couple of technologies that were massively insecure and susceptible to attacks. One being the surveillance broadcast which sends the aircraft’s position, altitude and such through an on-board transmitter to air traffic controllers. It also allows aircrafts to receive flight, traffic and weather information about other aircrafts in the air in their vicinity. The other technology that may be susceptible is the communications reporting system. It is used to exchange messages between the aircrafts and air traffic controllers via radio or satellite, and automatically delivers flight phase information. Either one could deliver malicious messages to affect the behavior of the plane if someone knew what they were doing. The pilot’s horrific expression jolted Mike as he heard him continue.
“We lost everything Mike; power, control and radio. We’re descending too fast and we’re still twenty miles outside of the airport strip. We’re in for a hard landing. Unless you can hack in and gain control over the landing gear.”
Those two words hard-landing made Mike think of Nikki’s message. As quickly as it entered his mind, he shook those thoughts and focused. Mike’s computer skills had built his reputation in the FBI. After all, it was the reason the FBI drafted him; his ‘genius-hacking ability’. He opened his laptop and began his magic. Limited power came back abruptly but no radio contact. They had limited control of the landing equipment but nothing much else.
“Somebody’s playing with the controls”
 He thought of Nikki’s message again. If anyone could hack into the plane’s coordinates, Nikki could. Mike met the love of his life four months before at an FBI Cyber Safety seminar in Houston. Captivated by her beauty and intrigued with her brilliant mind he fell hard and fast.  Special Agent Niki Dubois worked in the FBI L.A. office as the senior computer analyst. The FBI had tracked her and gave her the same choice they gave Mike; join them or be arrested. She hacked into government sites Mike hadn’t attempted. But why raced his thoughts, he didn’t want to believe she would do this to him or his team.
The co-pilot interrupted Mike’s thoughts, “From what I can gather there’s an open field we can attempt to use as a runway. With limited power of the landing gear, it may work. I’m just not sure if we enough space with our speed. We are going to hit hard.”
The pilot turned to Mike, “Can you hack in and get us any more control?”
Mike raced against the little time they had. Damn she’s good Mike whispered under his breath, but she can’t compete with me. Without taking his eyes off the laptop he informed the pilot of his success.
“We have complete control of the landing gear now. I’m working on control of the engine speed.”
“We’re out of time Mike. Make sure everyone is belted and pray.”
The pilot’s words hit Mike with the reality they were about to crash. He rushed back to his team.

Happy Christmas in July! I have books to giveaway on July 25th!

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 Sunset Kisses – My New Summer Romance!

A sweet-short-read for the beach you can read before your sunscreen wears off.
Alivia Jones left Sunset Beach to succeed on Wall Street. She did. But she also sold her soul to the CEO of Financial Freedom. Handsome, rich, powerful Brent Atwood wanted Alivia. She wanted his signature on her paycheck. Until she realized he didn’t own her. An invite for her tenth reunion takes her back to Sunset Beach. One sunset, one kiss and one crazy idea just might keep her there.

Surrender is also FREE on July 25th! One lucky winner will be chosen on July 25th for an autographed paperback of my romantic suspense. If you missed my ‘Are you a flopper?’ blog post giveaway – no worries! It’s still open to enter until July 24th. Click here to enter to WIN!

A sexy narcotics agent and a rich suburban widow are on the run from the drug cartel. Brett Donovan lives for danger. Lauren Reynolds lives for new shoes at Saks. One tangled mess leads them to tangled sheets. Will they surrender to love when they’re from two different worlds?

Escape with a book by Angela Ford.
Sizzle your Summer with something Sweet, Spicy or Suspenseful! 

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