Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bring on Summer! Beach, BBQs & Books!

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Bring on Summer!

Beach, BBQ s & Books

Bring on Summer! Head to the beach...bring out the BBQ...but most important, Bring on the Books! And for those of you who know me...yes! I'll be in my flops. If you missed my blog 'Are you a flopper?' - No worries. It is open until July 24th. On July 25th a winner will be chosen for an autographed copy of my romantic suspense Surrender 

There's nothing better than a book at the beach! I've just read Paula Hawkins' The Girl on the Train. Wow! It was a thrill-of-a-ride page turner! 
Good thing I remembered to reapply sunscreen. 
But now I wonder what my neighbors are up to?? 
Similar to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl - another page turner! And the movie was fantastic! Also on my beach shelf is Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman (To Kill a Mockingbird #2). A classic. I remember when my son came home from high school one day and announced he had To Kill a Mockingbird and my daughter piped up, "That's a great book". He looked at his sister in question. She was in grade six at the time. But then again, she started reading Shakespeare in grade five and still loves to. I guess the love-for-books-gene has been passed down.
My love for a Danielle Steele read started when I was a teenager and babysitting for my sister. I found her collection and got hooked! Next on the beach shelf will be Country. 

I wish I could read more! But I also love to write! With that comes edits/promotions/events. No, I don't sleep much but I'm happy! I just released a summer romance called Sunset Kisses 

One Sunset. One Kiss. One Crazy Idea. 
Here's an excerpt:

The sky painted an array of pink, orange and yellow as the sun lowered to meet the horizon. There were no clouds in the sky. Jacob felt it to be a sign of promise for a calm, peaceful night. His wish for her to return had come true. This time he wished for her to stay. As he got closer he inhaled her scent deeply as the ocean breeze carried it to his senses.
She turned and smiled, “Jacob, just in time”. She said no more. She held out her hand to him. He reached for her hand. Her fingers intertwined with his and he stepped up beside her. Silence remained as they watched the sunset just as they had so many times. It felt like she’d never left. No matter how much time had passed and wherever their lives had taken them; it no longer mattered. Their special spot remained to be theirs. Jacob smiled as the tip of the sun drifted beyond the horizon. He laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Alivia’s eyes met his. He smiled, “Just remembering when we were kids and you thought the sun sunk and the water put out the fire”.
            Alivia chuckled, “I was five!” 
            Jacob reached for her other hand. He lifted them both to his lips, “I’ve missed you Liv”.
            Her eyes filled. She smiled. “I missed you Jacob”
Her eyes locked onto his gaze. She’d always been the most beautiful part of the sunset. He kissed her hands as he held them against his lips. He watched a single tear fall upon her cheek. He leaned in and brushed his lips gently against her cheek to wipe it away. His head tipped down to rest upon hers. Her heart beat against him and his eyes closed. Silently he prayed her heart belonged to him. His heart belonged to no other.

Sunset Kisses is the first in the Sunset Beach Romance Series. Three bestselling authors are continuing this series. Sharon Kleve's is up next called Sunset Nights. Followed by Jennifer Conner's Sunset Waves. Finishing the series will be Natalie Nicole Bates. I will share the releases as they happen.
I hope you follow this summer romance series. If you pick up a copy of Sunset Kisses and fall in love with Sunset Beach then let me know and enter your name in the comments. One of my lucky readers will be chosen to WIN! the next three in the series as they release.Don't forget to share what's on your 'beach shelf' this summer. 

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  1. Sunset Kisses sounds tender and exciting. Congratulations Angela😅 And I love the title.

    I wish you the best,
    Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku