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Betrayal...Lies...Loss...Truth...Secrets... Have I grabbed your attention?

OOBA! Out of the Box Awakening by Jennifer Theriot

I loved this series! Amazing love story. A must read series to awaken the magic of the season.
My OOBA Review 
Jennifer captures your interest and introduces you to characters you fall in love with.
A wonderfully-written romance that makes you believe in fate.
Olivia has left her grown children to move to another city with her husband. They stay with Ash while finding a new home of their own. Ash has been a widow for a few years and struggles with day-to-day life and a troubled relationship with his sons.
Alan decides he wants a new woman.
An amazing love story begins of two people brought together by fate. Love has
no age-restrictions and Jennifer proves this.

Then came Regifted in the OOBA series...

My Regifted Review
A great love story has to have something significant…apart from others…Ms. Theriot delivers us another ‘Mature Sexy’ read in Regifted.
Olivia and Ash are back! Olivia must deal with the past, her ex-husband so she can have her happily-ever-after with Ash who has his own secrets. Can Olivia move forward with confidence to accept her new lifestyle? Can Ash keep those secrets hidden? Besides Olivia and Ash, there’s their blended family we all fell in love with in Ms. Theriot’s first in the series, Out of the Box Awakening. Each and everyone has their times and trials of heartaches and hardships to battle.
Regifted is filled with lies, truths, secrets and the greatest love story. The romance in this story is breathtaking. It is a love story that will evoke some of the most powerful emotions from readers. I feel honored to have read the second in this series. Ms. Theriot has captivated my heart once more with her characters and her writing style that drew me in and kept me flipping one page after the other. I was taken away in search of that happily-ever-after. Excited thinking about the next in the series!

To keep us 'in-love' with OOBA...Jennifer stepped inside the box and gave us the story of OOBA character that you can't help but fall in love with...Toccato Obligatto
My Review of Toccata Obbligato
Jennifer Theriot steps inside the box and writes about Todd from the OOBA series. We discover how Todd serenades Kyra :)

OOBA!!! Ms. Theriot does it again! This book has been serenading me every time I open my kindle...I'm so happy it finally succeeded. I am never disappointed with a story by Jennifer Theriot.
This time we get to step inside the box and learn a little more about if we could love him anymore!
Todd is such a unique and lovable character. A journey of true love from the first spark through Todd's determination to prove to Kyra she's captured his heart. Todd may be a little rough around the edges with a unique language all of his own but that only makes him real. He will definitely make you smile, laugh, cry and cheer for him.
This is a love story you won't want to miss. Bravo Ms. Theriot! I anticipate the next Out of the Box amazing creation! OOBA!!!

 Jennifer Theriot
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