Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall in Love this Christmas with a Jennifer Conner Holiday Romance


These are just a few holiday romances...there's more from Jennifer to check out on her Amazon page!

Jennifer Conner is a best-selling Northwest author who has forty-five short stories, novellas and full length novels in print. She writes in Christmas Romance, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, and Erotica. 
She has hit Amazon's top fifty authors ranking and her books have been #1 in sales.
Her novel Shot in the Dark was a finalist in the Emerald City Opener, Cleveland, and Toronto RWA contests. 
Jennifer is an Associate Publisher for the indie traditional publisher, Books to Go Now who resides in the Seattle area. They pride themselves in helping new authors get their foot in the door with well-edited manuscripts, professional covers, and platforms uploads. 
She lives in a hundred year old house that she grew up in. Her semi-small town holds an interesting mix of resident hillbillies, yuppies and Navy Seals. And of course Seattle, only a few miles away, is the birthplace of Starbucks so coffee is always on the check list. She blows glass beads with a blow torch, (which relieves a lot of stress and people don't bother you).

My Christmas Chat with Jennifer...
1)      What is your favorite thing about Christmas? I love everything about Christmas (a bit of a junkie). I love putting up all my decorations that were handed down from my mom and the tree ornaments my kids made in school. It’s all about the traditions and memories.
2)      Do you have a special memory of the holidays you hold close to your heart? I try and make new special memories every year.
3)      What inspired you to write your Christmas Story? Well… I have MANY Christmas stories. 18 or so (I think). My three for this year are In Love with Santa which I wove all the crazy stories that really happened to me in the 15 years I ran a catering business. Workers who slipped and broke their arms, grooms with guns under their tuxs, and even working for a murderer. He drowned his wife a week after we did the cater at their house! I also have, Ten Minutes for Christmas which is a New Adult and Christmas Romance which has Dog Tags for Christmas part of a Christmas series that revolves around… of course… dogs.
4)      For fun…If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe…Who would it be? Well politically, I would have to say my husband. Non-politically… there are so many choices. Henry Cavill? Sam Heughan (Jamie from the TV version of Outlander) or maybe Colin O’Donoghue (Capt. Hook from Once Upon a Time) that is if it was a REALLY big sprig of mistletoe! Haha 

Find out more about Jennifer Conner by visiting her

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